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T1X1 is an architectural and design studio with offices in Bogota and Johannesburg. We explore our two geographic locations by analyzing across our similarities and our local conditions. As a result, We share added value and integrate platforms. We combine our expertise by providing viable economic and efficient solutions, with a responsible and receptive design within a global society. The synergy of T1X1 works across multiple disciplines, from small to larger scale projects; Ranging from exhibitions' planning and design to the response of the urban challenges in our cities. At T1X1 we believe that our projects are an important urban component for a comprehensive improvement of the cities, based on the correct insertion in the urban fabric along with the proposed use and its social impact. At T1X1 we apply state-of-the-art technology in the way we think, design, produce and build our projects, regardless of the program or scale.

T1X1 es un estudio de Arquitectura & Diseño con oficinas en Bogotá y Johannesburgo. Exploramos nuestras dos ubicaciones analizando nuestras similitudes y las condiciones locales. Como resultado compartimos nuestro valor agregado e integramos nuestras plataformas. Combinamos nuestra experiencia proporcionando soluciones económicamente viables y eficientes, con un diseño atractivo, receptivo y responsable que se ajusta a una sociedad global. La sinergia de T1X1 funciona a través de múltiples disciplinas, desde proyectos pequeños hasta proyectos de mayor escala; desde la planificación y el diseño de exposiciones hasta la respuesta de los desafíos urbanos en nuestras ciudades. En T1X1 creemos que nuestros proyectos son un componente urbano importante para un mejoramiento integral de las ciudades, basado en la correcta inserción en el tejido urbano junto con el uso propuesto y su impacto social. En T1X1 aplicamos tecnología de vanguardia en la forma en que pensamos, diseñamos, producimos y construimos nuestros proyectos, independientemente del programa o su escala.


Principal T1X1 Bogota

Gabriel Carvajal Niño

Principal at T1X1 | Bogotá

Architect based in Bogotá who has over ten years' experience in the successful delivery of residential and retail projects, ranging from initial concepts to completed buildings. Gabriel also has extensive experience in the planning, assemblage and exhibition design. Gabriel is currently pursuing a Master in Architecture around the theory of the architectural project and its formalization. The work of Gabriel Carvajal has been published by the Colombian Architecture Biennale 2012 for their assistance in the refurbishment project of The Continental Hotel located in the heritage center of Bogotá and by the Central Society of Architects in Buenos Aires for his collaboration on the Padua project. Gabriel has also been a regular contributor in the area of Museography for the Art Unit at the Reserve Bank of Colombia.

Principal T1X1 Johannesburg

Gustavo Triana

Principal at T1X1 | Johannesburg

A Johannesburg-based designer and project architect. He has extensive experience working with international practices in small to large scale projects in various sectors such as residential, offices, hospitality, industrial and transport. Gustavo holds a masters' degree in Advanced Architecture Studies from the IAAC in Barcelona. Gustavo is also a permanent staff member at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Witwatersrand where he is the course convenor of the Advanced Digital Applications, where he lectures advanced digital design and digital manufacturing at master's level, as well as supervising Thesis projects.

Hospitality Director

Angela Saturno

Hospitality Manager

Leadership role in the process of pre-opening, opening and renovation tasks of recognized international chain and independent hotels. Strong skills in contract negotiations, time management, communications and decision making, specialized in the procurement process of FF&E and architectural finishes.


Architect Designer

Camila Abreu

Architect Designer

Construction Director

Fabio Gutierrez

Construction Project Manager

Civil Engineer

Monica Mendoza

Museographer Director


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